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(Short Stories from Amy Book 1)

In this riveting short story of betrayal, one good turn does not always get another in response. The most harmless looking of them all can always turn out to be the deadliest. 

Life seems to be sweet and utterly perfect for the Lord Lloyd McGrath and his wife, the Lady Minerva. After all, they are having their first time child. While still reeling from the intoxicating feeling of being a first-time father, an ominous message with his name on it finds Lloyd. He cannot seem to find who the message is from but it leaves him rattled because it bears an undertone of vengeance from a blood-thirsty creditor.
He has to revisit the things he has buried deeply under the rug. He has to unearth the secrets that has made him the Lord of the north, from being just a stranded young man caught up in a storm…

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