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Family is everything, until family takes everything away! 

USA, 1990

Fifteen year old twins, Timothy and Tammy Baxter have been raised by their mother for as long as they can remember. Their mother, Mary, is the example of a hardworking mother because she spends her life working to make her children comfortable.

Tim and his sister strike up a very close relationship because they are always together, and the bond soon extends to involve a neighbor. When the neighbor moves away from their neighborhood, the Baxters move into his house because of financial constraints.
The new house does have its share of horrors and evil lurking within its yellow walls. But when a stranger starts showing up in the street regularly, Tim and Tammy Baxter know that their lives or at least sanity as a family is at stake.
The official arrival of this stranger exposes truths that have been hidden for way too long. It appears as though Mary is not exactly who she has shown herself to be all this time.

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