Against all odds, love comes to visit. Many times, the journey does not end up as easy as it should be.
When the past comes back to visit, the present is never left the same.

Allison is sure she is cursed.

Twenty-four-year-old lawyer, multi-talented and beautiful to boot, Allison has never been with a man all her life.

Perhaps it is the jitters. Maybe it is the fear of the unknown, but every time she gets close to dating, things just don’t turn out well.

Her friends have tried to no avail to set her up, and on her way to a happily ever after. One of them is insistent that Allison will soon find her Mister Right.

Considering her past experiences, Allison is not so sure about that.

A chance encounter in the evening brings both of them together. It is the weirdest experience. Allison is saved from a near-death experience by him. But she begins to act up again, and they have to part ways. She cannot stand him, but at the same time, she cannot get the thoughts of him away from her mind.

Certain that they will never meet again, Allison is on the verge of frustration when just a few weeks later, a chance encounter brings them back together again. This time around, they have to work together on a project and on finding an enemy that is bigger than both of them.

As much as she doesn’t want to, Allison begins to give him the time of day.

She’s about to know what it feels like to love someone.

When she finally decides to give him a chance, fate strikes in the form of a dark figure from her past. When the past comes back to visit, the present is never left the same.