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I have promised to give some news about our new series.
Here you go.

Amy Ross has decided to continue the storyline of one her book from the series ” Thrilled Stories”

Lynn Adams’ husband has spent almost 10 years in prison for the murder of their only child, Tasha. Lynn became a cop after her husband’s conviction and had to solve a similar case like her family’s. A father was on the run for the murder of his son and she must arrest him and bring him before the law. Lynn doesn’t believe the father is responsible for the son’s death but can’t prove it. As she continued on the case, she soon realized there was more to the story that had her husband in jail. The city of Houston has a serial killer on the loose; he’s been out for nearly 10 years killing and the police department does not know. The case is bigger than they know. One mistake and thousands of inmates will be bombed. She must fight the painful memories accompanying the case if she must solve and save thousands of inmates and bring one of the city’s longest serial killers to book


P.S. Guess which book story line is in new series. I will give some information next week.