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Just like the Lotus flower on our company logo, the Non-fiction books at LCE will create an environment for your innate ability to thrive despite the muddy waters. By learning from expert authors in various fields, you get to attain a deeper understanding of a vast array of topics that could transform your life forever.

Life-Changing Experience takes you on a journey through the real world and reveals to you through our non-fiction books, the different aspects of your life that need re-evaluation. Our main goal is to make sure we have fewer people who need financial help in the future. This in line with the first part of our mission. We want people to transform their lives in such a way that they have enough money, friends around, and health and will not need any charity support it older age. Find out more!

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In line with our mission to minimize the number of people who need external support through educational books and courses, LCE has come up with several categories of non-fiction to enlighten the reader.

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You already have the potential. With opportunity and support from Life-Changing Experience, you can make a smooth transition and rebirth through the different aspects of our non-fiction books.

We want to spread knowledge about the facts and realities of life in a way that inspires a change in the lives of people. We urge you to explore the areas of your interest. There is a lot in store for you!

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By reading and following the recommendations here, we believe the reader can steer his/herself back on the right course to a wealthy, healthy, and happy life. Moreover, we want readers to be much more independent even after retirement.

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