Keeping distant can sometimes feel easier, until times come when priorities have to be unavoidably reset.

It is 2020 USA lockdown

For some people, it is a new year full of promises and great things to look out for. For others, it is just any other year, albeit the beginning of a new decade. For the Barnes’ girls, it is yet another year of pain and bitterness as they continue to live like strangers, although twins.

Nine years ago, there was an issue that escalated into full-on hate and separation of the twins. Despite their mother’s efforts to get them to step out of the past and live in the presence of forgiveness and love, the girls are dead set in their ways and have vowed never to forgive themselves.

2020 begins with another nasty shock. Authorities warn of an enemy that walks the streets and unleashes death and carnage without mercy. As a result, families are holed up indoors, businesses are closed down, and the whole USA comes to a standstill.

When Lucy Barnes is attacked by the virus that kills with the speed of light, her daughters are forced to confront their past and find forgiveness and strength in their arms once again…