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Life-Changing Experience Ltd publishes classic fictional books of various pedigrees; genre, literary, and realistic fiction texts. Just as our company logo clearly exhibits, the ultimate aim of our fiction books is in line with the second part of our mission; to help others who already need financial support by donating part of the sale from each book.

The pink colour of the flower represents charity because we make donations based on the sales of our fictional books. The e-books seek to exercise the mind of the reader while also attending to the basic needs of the less privileged. Thus, buying the books benefits everyone. First, it entertains the reader and makes him or her happy. Also, by giving to others, everyone becomes happy. This mutual spread of happiness is one of our main goals at LCE.

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LCE publishing agency is all about creating happiness for everyone. In a world filled with a thousand reasons to be sad, thrillers represent one of our best ways to save people from being gloomy. Moreover, they generate many sales from which the proceeds will go to charity.

The books have our logo at its front cover as seen on our website. All our books have enjoyed a massive reception, critical acclaims, and perfect reviews and ratings. By joining our cause, you can help LCE to fulfil its mission. Since the fictional universe is an endless realm of possibilities, you can look forward to more captivating books.

Fictional books

As aforementioned, we have different types of fiction at LCE Ltd. However, we have divided them into two major groups:

General Fiction books

We have many good books to read and be happy in this category. You can help others and get great books in return. Being a source of happiness to thousands of people could not be more pleasant than doing so while getting access to romance, fantasy, and mystery fiction books.

LCE Ltd brings to you the finest writing displaying incredible stories. Enjoy numerous plot twists and be satisfied knowing that you are touching lives in the process. Click on the book cover to order your favourite book now.

Also, do not miss out on new releases of general fiction. Be the first to know when a new book is published. Subscribe to our list. Together, we can change our lives.



Hunts! Murders! Ghosts! There is always something about thrillers that makes your heart pump faster. The fast-paced, action-packed thrillers are what you get in return for helping others.

The thrill of suspense, cliff-hangers, and red herrings, are contained in these books, which we generate funds for charity to make everyone happy. LCE Ltd has an exciting collection that could become best-sellers and bring more money for charity with their sales.

Readers get to enjoy those eerie feelings at a much bigger scale. While Life-Changing Experience thrillers are short, enjoyable, and represent a great way to help others through your donation.


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