Making lives better

This is the summary of what we do, making lives better. We make people happier, and our vision is to make the world a better place to live in. Many older people are living in poor conditions in the UK. Life-Changing Experience Ltd is helping to reduce these numbers drastically and prevent future occurrences.

We publish and sell books to minimize the number of people who will need external support at a later stage of their lives through educational books and courses. We also do this to help others who already at a later stage of life and need financial support by donating part of the sale from each fiction book.

We have a unique way of touching lives. As a publishing agency, our activities revolve around books. Books have retained much power and relevance across all ages. We want to make everyone happy through these books. Find out more.

What we do at Life-Changing Experience

Our vision is to make the world a better place to live in. We hope to do this by staying true to our mission. LCE publishes and sells books for two main reasons:

  • To help reduce the number of people who will need additional support when they are much older by providing educational books and courses.
  • To help the elderly with financial support by donating part of the sales of fiction books.

The satisfaction that comes with helping others by donating funds or buying our books is priceless. You will also be a source of inspiration, motivation, and encouragement to many people. We want to encourage every subscriber out there to stand up for change.

Our Values

Certain principles govern what we do at LCE Ltd:

Pioneering frontiers in the publishing world

LCE has been a pioneer agency in so many ways. We do things differently, and this has made us stand out from others. We believe that people should always be given a choice on how to donate their money. Hence we have provided multiple ways for you to bless others while guaranteeing self-satisfaction.

We have transformed lives through special books on Non-fiction and Fiction. Since we wanted people to have a choice on their preferred books, we established different categories, thereby ensuring that there is always a book for every individual. From the onset, we recognised the writer’s influence on the reception of a book and worked towards getting the best writers for our agency.

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Life-Changing Experience is home to several high-quality books from which we educate people and generate funds to be used as donations to charity. We have been able to reach out to hundreds of people, and we hope to increase the momentum as we get more donations.

You can be a part of us. Together, we can address fundamental issues such as education, poverty, health, and many more areas. We are ready to serve.

Reach out today

You could go the extra mile of spreading the word around to your contacts to assist our cause. Here are some benefits of being an LCE subscriber:

  • You will improve the quality of life for many older people.

  • Helping to enlighten the younger generation to make better life choices through educational books and courses.

  • Your donation helps create more awareness and contribute to a ripple effect that will inspire others to join our cause.

  • It helps you guide, support, and oversee a new generation of philanthropists in the UK and Europe.

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Do you have any questions or comments about Life-Changing Experience? If you want to know more about our charity’s goals or donate to help us achieve our goals, please do not hesitate to forward your comments. Contact us!

Note for recurring contributions: Kindly note that by agreeing to a recurring contribution (monthly or annually), you acknowledge that your choice will be deducted from your preferred payment plan based on the schedule. However, you might opt-out at any time you want.

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