For the last years I have tried many, many techniques/methods from different teachers, gurus, coaches, writers, etc. I had success manifesting material stuff, experiences and specific people, forgiveness, mystical experiences, answers/solutions, but I never had success with what I needed most: money. (of course I know why).

I used to meditate and visualize during the day but never had a “big” success. Last year I tried for the first time visualiziing while listening to songs that put me in a GREAT mood. I imagined.multiple scenes that I wanted to experience as if they were happening in the now. I imagined myself wealthy, making my dreams come true and helping a lot of people, then I fell asleep. The next morning a huge amount of money came into my life. A business that was failing for MONTHS, suddenly was a success. I don’t believe in coincidences anymore, but I guess my subconscious still did. I stopped doing that. Didn’t repeat the formula for months and kept searching for the next teacher, the next technique, the next success story. I believe it’s unconscious self sabotage.

You know what happened, right? I started struggling with money again. The beliefs and self sabotage were still there in my mind.

Well, last week I remembered the huge success I had with the technique above and decided I was going to try again, cause why not? I had nothing to lose. If the money came as a result of that moment, then it would happen again. So I listened to my favorite inspiring songs for 1 hour while imagining and FEELING that I was living amazing experiences and being financially free. Free in all ways.

Guess what? The next morning 20.000 came into my life! (don’t feel comfortable sharing details, people believe what they want to believe and I know I’m sharing the truth). Not only that, but I got FREE tickets to go to a certain place that looks extremely similar to the place I visualized the night before. I was experiencing wealth and the same sensations/energy I radiated the night before and it’s all because of music! I can’t really feel strong emotions without it.

Anyway, I decided to share this because I’m extremely thankful for Dr Joe Dispenza’s existence and work. The power is NOT on the technique, but in ourselves. It’s our natural gift! Techniques are just tools to help us use it consciously and wisely.

Hope this story helps/inspires someone!

(PS: sorry for my english, it’s not my native language). Mariana Santos.